Bryson Tiller – Rambo

In Rambo, Bryson Tiller compares himself to iconic American cinema character John Rambo, famously played by Sylvester Stallone. The instrumental was built off of Eduard Khil’s “Birch Sap”.

What has Syk Sense said about the song?

In an interview with DJ Booth—as part of their Beat Break series, he contextualized the song, saying,

Man, that’s my shit. I got a homie, his name is Chris King. Crazy shit went down with the credits with that record because I definitely let them know to add him, but they didn’t. It’s just how the game is—I got a couple like that that happened to me. [Chris] sent me the sample and as soon as I heard it I’m like, ‘this is fire, I love it.’ He had a beat on there, the beat was dope, I just didn’t know what to add to it so I just went at it from my perspective. With the drums, I was trying to channel some inspiration from 40. I fuck with 40 heavy, he’s one of my favorites. I think that stuff is timeless, dude.

What’s crazy is, I sequenced it just like that. I exported it out, didn’t even feel like it was done. As a producer, I feel like none of my shit is to a certain extent. But I sent that to Bryson. I don’t even know why I sent that to him. He sent me back ‘Rambo.’ This was Mother’s Day. I’m on my way to Nashville, I hear this shit in the car, I’m like, ‘he’s crazy!’ We had “Let Em Know,” we had “Ten Nine Fourteen” at this point. ‘Rambo’ just put the icing on the cake. He got on the record essentially as I exported it. We didn’t even go back and change nothing. Having him on that shit, and how it came about so quick, I can’t even explain that, bro. I just didn’t believe that it went so far as The Weeknd getting on there.

It tripped me out. Bryson didn’t even know. I’m in the bed about to go to sleep, I get a hit telling me The Weeknd got on ‘Rambo.’ I was up after that for real! I hit up Bryson like, ‘bruh, this is crazy!’ He’s like, ‘bro, I didn’t even know either.’ But that was a crazy experience, man.

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