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Title : 20160711 时事亮亮点 美韩宣布在韩国部署萨德系统 中俄强烈反对
Description : 韩国国防部副部长和驻韩美军司令官共同出席记者会,宣布为保卫韩国安全,免受朝鲜核武器、大规模杀伤性武器和弹道导弹威胁,维护韩美军事实力,决定部署萨德防御系统,部署并不针对第叁国。韩国国防部并表示,美韩两国正就萨德防御系统的部署地点,展开最后阶段磋商,并会尽快落实部署。韩国媒体分析,部署在韩国中部地区或京畿道的可能性较大。
Welcome to iFeng Comment Official Channel. YouTube has released its new translation feature. Click on the following link to translate any show you like!欢迎进入“凤凰卫视评论官方频道”,youtube推出翻译新功能啦,点击后面的链接来翻译你喜欢的节目吧!

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凤凰卫视前身是星空传媒旗下的卫视中文台,于1991年开播。其后,卫星电视有限公司被新闻集团收购,随即进行改组,并引入刘长乐和陈永棋等人作为投资者。于1996年3月31日分拆为新成立的凤凰卫视(对大陆和香港广播)和卫视中文台(只在台湾广播)。凤凰卫视的主持人来自于中国大陆、中国香港地区、中国台湾地区。凤凰卫视的目标是成为影响力继中国大陆中央电视台(CCTV)的全球华文媒体。【文化丝绸之路】Phoenix's predecessor STAR STAR Chinese Channel, launched in 1991. Subsequently, satellite TV Limited was acquired by News Corporation, then reorganized and introduced Mr Liu and Mr Chan Wing-kee, who as an investor. On March 31, 1996 spin-off of the newly established Phoenix (on the mainland and Hong Kong Broadcasting) and STAR Chinese Channel (only broadcasts in Taiwan). Phoenix TV host from mainland China, Hong Kong, China Taiwan region. Phoenix's goal is to become influential following the PRC's Central China Television (CCTV) is the global Chinese media.
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