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Title : Are Apple Overrated?
Description : The age old question: do we overestimate what Apple have done? Well, you'll have to watch the video to find out (you couldn't have thought it would be that easy, could ya?).

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Hi guys, I’m going to talk about Apple. Yes, that tasty fruit. Actually I'm not a big fan of apples. (awkward pause) Terrible jokes aside, I am actually talking about the one the only Apple computers, Apple Inc. whatever their official name is now because they recently released some new products and they've been around for a while and Tim Cook has settled in. At first, I wasn't a huge fan of him, but I think he's doing an all right job.

(0:37) The point of today's video is not about what they've released, about what Tim Cook has done, instead it's about: are Apple overrated?

Before we delve in we need to understand what overrated is. I'm sure you know what overrated means, but let's set out a clear definition so that you know where I'm coming from. The way I would look at overrated is when the ratio of done to credited to done is quite low. You have actually done less than what you are credited for doing, but how do you measure that?

(1:15) Well, with Apple it is quite difficult because when you look at it, has Apple ever invented anything? There are many videos out there, Tek Syndicate has a fantastic video on this in which he basically goes over the fact that all of these nifty features and ideas in Apple computers and phones and every other product they've made, none of them are actually inventions per se. Even the magnetic power (Magsafe) for charging was around a long time before then. Therefore, Apple technically, I don't think there is anything that they have invented so then you can say they are overrated.

People say they invented the smartphone, the tablet, they invented the idea of the personal computer being mainstream, they invented whatever, anything they have made it was the first. People genuinely think that there were not smartphones before the iPhone. Obviously, that is not true, but does that mean that they are overrated?

(2:32) The problem is; I don't think they are because when you look at it. Let's take smartphones for example, the iPhone OG, the original iPhone, 2007. If you look at smartphone sales in 2006, the year before, you can see that smartphones sales were fairly low, in 2007 it definitely picks up, 2008 not a huge increase, but you can see that over time there is a definite increase and that can be accounted to the iPhone.

Apple are able to spark a new industry.
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